Field maple twig and opposite pairs of rounded buds

Do you know your tree twigs?

We tend to take trees for granted in our garden, parks and countryside. And in winter, devoid of leaves, you may pay them even less attention. But outlined against a bright blue sky on a sunny day,
Christmas trees can have other uses

New life for Christmas trees

I’m always shocked to see the skeletal remains of Christmas trees on the streets of towns and cities after Twelfth Night. It seems all the more poignant when you consider the number of years taken
Flower of blue mophead hydrangeas

Growing to love hydrangeas

Has your taste in plants changed over the years? Mine has, and I’m quite surprised at the things I’ve come to love – including hydrangeas. I’ve gardened since I was a child and grew

It’s a year of chunky necks

Have you noticed anything about your onions this year? Do lots of them have thick necks? I’ve seen plenty of this – at village shows and gardens that I’ve visited during the summer. And,

Get the most from your garden

I’m really excited to be hosting the first ever Gardeners’ World Magazine practical Masterclasses to help you become a better gardener! Come along and learn how to get the most from your summer pots,